Trusted quality, consistency and the best flavor possible.

When you steer your cart into the neighborhood grocer, your shopping trip has the power to shape your community. We offer CADIA® products exclusively to independently-owned grocers to ensure they can compete with the big box down the street. Grocers are empowered with the goods they need, while you get the high-quality products and low prices you want. From lentils to laundry detergent, the goodness that goes into your basket can now flow right back into your hometown.

Organic & Natural Foods

Free of artificial color, flavors and preservatives. Always sustainably sourced.

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Why we do it

Higher quality at a lower price than expected.

Feel like you're ‘winning’ when you shop your grocery list.

Clean, healthy food is a right. But, it can be challenging to get everything you need at a single location AND not overspend.

We promise high-quality, competitively-priced products so you can one-stop-shop with your neighborhood grocer. Fill your basket in one place, hit your budget, and bring home the good stuff!

Dr. Sherin Lee, ND
Just a brief note to tell you how much I enjoy your Baked Cheddar Corn Curls. They are so tasty and very original in sizing. The tiny pieces make for such a lovely crunch.
I just had my first can of your chili beans yesterday and fell in love with how healthy and delicious your food is! I’m a fan!
Rhonda Henry
If I’m choosing between brands for something I don’t usually buy, I reach for yours first because I know the quality will be worth any price difference (plus I think your stuff is fairly priced given the quality!)

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