You have questions, we have answers. We’ve compiled a list of questions we’ve received for our loyal customers and we’re sharing the answers with you. If you have questions about specific products, visit the product’s page.

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Are all CADIA® products Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified? :

Our CADIA® assortment is currently 76% Certified Organic and 54% Non-GMO Project Verified. If a product is certified organic, that also implies the ingredients were not grown from GMO seed or GMO seed consumed in production of the ingredients.

Are CADIA® products available online? :

We sell our CADIA® products exclusively to independent natural retail stores. CADIA® products are currently not available for purchase online.

How do I get CADIA® in my store? :

If you’re a retailer and you’d like to bring CADIA® into your store, visit our Contact Us page and let us know. Please provide your store name, phone number and address.

I want to buy CADIA® products, but no stores near me carry CADIA®. What can I do to help my grocery store carry CADIA® products?:

Since we are exclusively sold in independent retail stores, it is best to contact your local independent natural grocer and ask if they will carry CADIA® products. We are working on our distribution and hope to be able to serve more areas in the near future.



What does it mean that the canned beans are “prepared”?:

All canned beans need to be soaked prior to processing. When they are soaked they absorb water and the word “prepared” is used to account for the water being absorbed in the soaking process.


Does CADIA® Mayonnaise contain wheat?:

We do not use distilled vinegar in our Organic Mayonnaise, any vinegar that is not distilled has the possibility of wheat/gluten content that does not meet standards for gluten-free labeling and consumption. Our Organic Mayonnaise is produced in a facility that contains wheat.

Is the Organic White Vinegar in CADIA’s Organic Ketchup distilled?:

The organic white vinegar in our organic ketchup is distilled and is gluten-free. There is no risk of contamination in the facility it is produced.


Is CADIA® Apple Cider Vinegar Pasteurized?:

CADIA® Apple Cider Vinegar is not pasteurized.